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We are an innovative company in terms of recycling (reusing the material that composes a type of waste) and upcycling (reusing the material and the shape of a type of waste) of post-consumer waste that are traditionally non-recyclable. TerraCycle ( works with over sixty brands in 21 countries to provide innovative solutions for the hard to recycle waste.
The TerraCycle system has grown dramatically in scale - globally there are over 40 million people collecting waste for TerraCycle, a number which is growing by half a million people per month. On average 5-10 articles are written about TerraCycle's brands partners solving for their waste stream per day and the TerraCycle brand is now on over 6.3 billion consumer products per year.
In 2006, TerraCycle was elected: “Coolest Startup in America” by Inc.


Working on presentations and case studies to promote the Brigades® programs of TerraCycle and to support Business Development in order to grow the business in the region by attracting new brand partners:

  • Research, identify and contact potential brand partners
  • Support the creation of deal proposals
  • Create case studies on existing programs
  • Participating in pitches creation and adaptation of BD materials such as press kit, press release, posters, etc.
  • Be in charge of the Zero Waste Box offer: maintenance and creation of content for the website, preparation of deal proposal, customer service, etc.
  • Support with TerraCycle customer services
  • Support as needed on any kind of project related to the activity of TerraCycle in Australia and New Zealand.

CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS The most suitable intern for this position would have the following:

  • Studying a Bachelor Degree in Business or Management
  • Strong aptitude for communications and a good understanding of business relations
  • Good skills in Excel and PowerPoint is a must
  • English language skills
  • Enthusiastic team player and positive attitude, able to integrate our small team in Sydney as well as to work with a virtual team in the US.
  • Genuine interest in environmental issues,
  • Flexibility, ability to multitask, able to work independently and exercise initiative.